Being married in Church is a statement of faith in which vows are said before God. Please download our Wedding Pack, which contains information about the six churches in our team; how much the marriage will cost; the policy of District Church Councils about minor matters such as filming the service, confetti, photographs; what happens if one or both partners have been previously married; the position of the House of Bishops regarding remarriage of divorcees and a statement of the Minister’s practice in this matter.

You will need to fill out the BANNS of Marriage Application form (found in the Wedding Pack mentioned above on the last page) and return it to The Administrator, c/o The Rectory. 84 South Street, Bridport DT6 3NW along with a £100 deposit. You may wish to look through the latest fee sheet (also found in the Wedding Pack mentioned above on the second last page) and check available dates on our online Calendar then arrange to meet with a Minster (call church office 01308 424747 weekdays 9.30am till 12.30pm) to confirm your booking. Having a booking does not guarantee that your wedding can go ahead – all the legal requirements must be met.

The Banns of Marriage Application Form give all the details necessary to enable Banns to be called in church. The information given is also used to complete the Register of Marriage and the Wedding Certificate. It is extremely important that these forms are completed clearly and accurately with attention being given to the spelling of fore and surnames, especially where these may be unusual in some way. For example: Lisa and Liza, Philip and Phillip etc. Mistakes are not easily put right and corrections at a later date may incur considerable cost.

Please note: All applicants for marriage must prove national identity.  A passport is acceptable.  If one or other of the couple do not possess a passport please ring the office 01308 424747 or the Team Rector Revd Deb Smith 01308 301457 for further advice.

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