Unaccompanied Bach, in 41 different places

Wendy Staal, first violinist of Extreme Baroque, details of their last concert can be found at https://sladersyard.wordpress.com/tag/extreme-baroque/ is embarking on a project – ‘Bach 41’. It is a very simple idea – to play one movement of unaccompanied Bach, in 41 different places.

The project is in aid of the Richard Ely Trust for Young Musicians. The fund raising aspect of the project will take the form of online sponsorship and a web page with photos and sound clips will be created. Wendy, who lives in Bridport, hopes to play in other types of venues such as cafes – in order to take a little bit of Bach to people in informal settings, primary schools, museums, perhaps even shops and offices.

Her reason for choosing to play in 41 places is because Bach used this number in his compositions to sign his name – alphabetically in German it adds up to J S BACH.

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