I am just about getting my mind around the new bin rota.

So far I have forgotten to put food waste out twice and got the week’s the wrong way round for recycling and general rubbish. Things must improve otherwise I shall have to drive my diesel car to the landfill myself at who knows what cost to the environment?

During the Second World War everyone ‘did their bit’. I like to think that by shoving my old newspapers and empty dog food cans into the suitably green coloured bins I am doing mine.

There is a niggle at the back of my mind, however, about how many folks like me need to recycle their waste to compensate for some coal-powered power station in China or India belching carbon into the atmosphere.

Like me you will have noticed the mild climate this autumn. On the first official day of winter, I saw daffodils in bloom in Walditch and plants in bud three months early. 2015 is officially the warmest on record.

Many of the world’s leaders have been contributing to global warming by their fine words at the opening of the Paris Climate Conference, greeted with at least one headline that said ‘two weeks to save the world!’

Is that hyperbole or prophesy, I ask myself. The world’s temperature is now one degree warmer than it was before 1750, the notional date for the beginning of industrialisation. If it goes up another degree there will be major changes in the environment and any rise beyond that David Attenborough says will be ‘cataclysmic’ for the world.

I will never give a counsel of despair but as I look at the grandchildren, all of whom should live to the end of this century, I wonder what sort of world they are inheriting.

So it is for them that I will do ‘my bit’ and try to reduce my food waste and recycle what I can.

Now, is it green or black bins this week?


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