Remembrance Day

Each year, the staff at Bridport Town Council, illuminate the War Memorial in South Street and fly the flags of the three-Armed Forces and the Union Flag. When walking by at night, I can’t help but stop at the War Memorial, and for a fleeting moment, in the darkness, with the wind blowing the flags, in that moment, a wave of emotions falls over me. A thankful prayer to God, for those I did not know, who despite their own worries and fears, gave up their tomorrows, for my today.

A humble prayer, asking in the light of their effort and sacrifice, does my life stop repeating the mistakes of our forebears, and live a life of kindness and love instead of hatred and oppression which they stood against.

When I look at the memorial at night, when I put on my Poppy, when I stand at the memorial at 11am on Sunday for the two-minute silence, these are moments which are God given gifts, to stop, to reflect and then to act. Remembrance is not about glorifying war, it is honouring those who have served in the British & Commonwealth Armed Forces, giving thanks to them and the countless Civilians who went above and beyond to ensure our freedom and the benefits we enjoy today, but it is also an act of hope, that we will work together to ensure that compassion, justice, and peace will prevail. (Written by Revd Pete Stone)