Generosity is our focus

Generosity is our focus during the next year as we gather to worship and are sent out – you could say it should always be at the heart of who we are and what we do. I hope we can learn something together over this time ahead about the power of generosity, as people who receive so much, as people who give much too, and as people of faith who are also part of this community of Bridport. What can we learn from people outside of our church family about living generously? What can we share which speaks of the outrageous abundance of our generous God?

Little cards were created in October 2021 (which you can download here) setting out a way of meditating on the nature of generosity together. God’s generosity in my life…in creation…in the church and in our community. Generosity is about our financial giving, how we reflect our response to God’s generosity to us in this very real and obvious way. A time to consider if we can give more. Generosity is also about how we get involved in our shared life – how we express our faith through our involvement in the church, in our community, in our care of the earth, in our attitudes and generosity to others day by day. It is about a deep thankfulness for all we have received and a heartfelt response to show generosity in all of our lives. In church on Sunday you will be offered a stone as a sign of all we receive through God’s generosity in so many ways and in so many people. In the weeks of October you might want to decorate it as a way of expressing thanks.

When we met together for our team service at the end of October 2021 we all brought our THANK YOU stones to build a cairn, symbolic of us being a “living stone” – a sign of our lives lived in response to the generosity we have all encountered by the grace of God.

A note from Bishop Karen: If we consider God’s good gifts to each of us, we have much to be thankful for. In return there is a Biblical principle calling us to be generous stewards, giving back to God in response to what he has done for us. The Bible gives us many examples where gifts offered to God – be they time, talents or physical resources – are remarkably transformed to bring blessing to others. Including the small child giving their packed lunch to share with others, in a way far beyond what he could ever have imagined. I believe when we do the same with our money – as individuals and as churches – our generosity brings great transformation, and we in turn are blessed. In this season we are asking everyone to consider what they give to God to fund mission and ministry and what each church shares with others in giving to the Diocese. There are many who could give more, there are some who could start to give and there are others who, through their own circumstances, are unable to give more. Each one is part of the body of Christ. These are challenging times. To equip us for the next stage of our Diocesan life, please join me in seeking to be more generous givers. Prayerfully, sustainably, and sacrificially. Bishop Karen “My Father is glorified by this: that you bear much fruit and become my disciples.” John 15:8

[Written by Revd Deb Smith]

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