Not another death star?

We all age and as the years roll by waistlines expand and other bits sag. There’s little point worrying about it, it’s just the way it is. Like turning grey its best done gracefully.

I will admit to being rather shocked though by the passage of years and their effect on some folks who I had known nearly forty years ago. We had first met in the old Odeon cinema in Weymouth. I was in my early 20’s and them between five and ten years older.

We were reacquainted, amongst much excitement and anticipation, just recently. Time had not been especially kind.

Hans Solo and Princess Leia looked like what they were, people in late middle age whose life style had finally caught up with them. And as for Luke Skywalker!

‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ was released just in time for Christmas. Though the seventh film in the franchise, it picks up the story of the Rebellion and the Empire after three rather annoying and boring ‘prequels’ almost killed it off. It is already the faster grossing film in movie history and has recouped its costs of production.

At its heart the theme of Star Wars is about good and evil, darkness and light, corruption and justice. One of cinema’s greatest villains was Darth Vader and its heroes Obi-Wan Kenobe who do battle, each representing the good and bad side of ‘The Force’.

During both the 2001 and 2012 census there was a campaign to get people to write ‘Jedi’ in the ‘Other Religion’ box. Some 176,000 did so for 2012, a drop of nearly half on a decade before. Perhaps numbers will go up again now that ‘The force awakens’ has been released.

Watching the film was like an old comfort blanket. All the old favourite characters were there, all a bit dusty but the new characters introduced much needed youth and energy.

I wish you a ‘Happy New Year’ and as they say on Dantooine ‘May the Force be with you’.



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