New pastures

As you may have heard, last Sunday it was announced that I am moving to pastures new in April. It has not been an easy decision to leave, this has been our family home for 8 years and a wonderful place for us to live as well as to serve as your team vicar. Yet, the role that I am moving to is the right one for us, and I take with me the lessons and experiences I’ve learnt from here, going to a new role better equipped for what is ahead, thanks to you, the Worshiping Community of our Parish, and this town.

It has been a privilege to get to know so many of you, in good times and bad, and to work with amazing colleagues and be involved in a lot of different services and activities across our community and parish and specially to work closely with St Mary’s School.

The last month has been a time of reflection, and probably, like the wine running out in today’s gospel, things haven’t always gone to plan. But somehow – in all of it – Jesus intervenes, bringing something unexpected and better from the tatters of our plans.

Jesus spoke, and things changed at the wedding with better wine! At St Mary’s School these last few weeks, the children have been listening to Toby Mac’s song “Speak Life” which is about speaking kindness, love, and hope to someone and how if you do that you will transform their day and make this world a better place.

Maybe we can’t change water into wine, but as followers of Christ, what could we say to others that would transform their day?

Revd Pete Stone