Look to the light

On Tuesday, the Bridport Town council team were removing the final signs of the Christmas from the town. It was a miserable day, a rather damp end to a somewhat subdued Festive period. The rain and fog maybe summed up that post-Christmas / New Year feeling, of the return to “normal”, yet, we in the church continue to Celebrate the Feast of Epiphany and Christmas, 40 days of celebrating the revealing of Jesus to the world – His birth, the visit of the Magi, Jesus’ baptism and today Jesus’ first recorded miracle. Turning water into wine for a wedding, may not seem the most “holy” of miracles. It was personal to the wedding couple who would have been shamed to have run out of wine at their wedding, but this miracle is also a bold statement of the type of faith that Jesus is revealing to the world. It is not a petty, keep to the rules, type of faith. It is a faith, that is new, different, and better than before. It’s about life, hope and justice. A place where there is no shame, a place of light, a place where petty arguments or point the finger attitudes are dismissed. Our 40-day feast is a continued reminder of the light that has entered the world, and while the weather may be awful, the decorations retired for the year, we are encouraged to look to the light, and live. Written by Pete Stone

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