It’s a dog’s life!

26 Feb


I was driving along the coast road to Weymouth recently and the car in front had a dog with its head stuck out of the window. It was obviously having a marvellous time catching the scents of the sheep and cattle in the fields as they drove past. Ears flying out like wings it was bouncing its head up and down as if it was grooving along to the music in the car. It reminded me of a book I saw recently in one of our bookshops in town. It’s called ‘Dogs in Cars’ by Lara Jo Regan. Being a canophilist I found my eye and hand was drawn to it and I indulged myself by flicking through its pages. I didn’t buy it, or at least not yet.  I wondered if I couldn’t get my own book of pictures published. I have snaps of sleeping dogs from places I visited around the world. It’s never seemed a weird thing to do until one writes it in an article. Maybe it’s an idea to let lie. I’m still working through the implications of an article in Time magazine called ‘What is your dog thinking?’ If you’ve never thought about it don’t, it drives you mad because they know what you’re doing and start playing mind games with you. Apparently most dogs can understand up to 250 words and commands which I think is more than your average teenager. Over the years I’ve shared my life with many dogs. There was Sandy a yellow lab who liked whippy ice cream from the van every Sunday afternoon. The man always gave a generous portion because he thought it was for our daughter. Or Noah.   He was nearly killed putting his head out of the car. One of our other dogs stood on the switch for the window and up it went! Noah is no longer with us yet after his holiday fling in the kennels we now have his son Marty. If I were a Buddhist I’d come back as a dog. I know what the collar feels like.