Inside Out


Early days of the school holidays and off to the cinema with grandchildren in tow to watch the new Disney Pixar animation ‘Inside Out’.

As has been the case in the past Pixar films can be viewed at so many different levels and ‘Inside Out’ is by far the more complex and engaging of the films from the studio thus far.

It’s the story of 10 year-old Riley whose life is turned upside down when the family move to a new city because her Dad’s job has changed.

The film basically takes place inside her head where the emotions she feels, joy, sadness, fear, disgust and anger battle it out as she comes to terms with all the changes. It is superb and even if you don’t have the grandchild excuse still go and see it.

When Jesus spoke to the man at Gerasene whom ‘no chains could hold’ he first asked him his name. ‘Legion’ was the reply ‘because there are so many of us’.

We are complex beings, both physically and emotionally. Modern psychology gives us great insights into the ‘self’ and this is what is explored in ‘Inside Out’. Faith gives us the gift of the ‘soul’, that sense of our inner being which survives beyond death.

When our emotions get out of balance then we’re in trouble. Children’s mental health services are under pressure. Such services for young people have been reduced by £35 million in the last five years meaning if there is a bed available it may be many miles away. We owe our young people better than this if the problems are not to cause despair in later life.

Thankfully, we have moved on from seeing the cause of mental illness as demonic. Yet we all have our internal demons and sometime joy struggles to win.





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