God’s generosity in our community

The diocese wants us to consider what we know of God’s generosity in the community and to think about how we can respond to that generosity. It’s a week perhaps to consider the vision and the commitment and faithful giving of time and resources by all the wonderful organisations in our town and neighbourhoods.

A time to be heartened God is already working away in our community. God is not just relying on us, the church, God’s Holy Spirit is, we know, is alive in the world, calling the community to serve and they have responded to that call to serve magnificently. At the team mission day last Saturday and in the St Swithun’s Repair & Renewal community group survey we learnt of the 100’s of groups we recognise as meeting need and helping to build the loving just world Christ’s ask us to build. If you want to access a directory look on the town council web site or visit the tourist office, library or Citizens advice.

100 upon 100s have answered the call to serve we can recognise them by the fruits of the spirit they bare, their work or organisation will have about them a care and love for a neighbour, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, good boundaries.

We can be so reassured by this and steadied and carry-on puzzling out how do we join in and play our part and witnessing to the well of love that we believe is the source and renewal God offers, the path Christ shows us. This we know includes rest and remembering it does not all depend on us but on God, so we can be fresh to enjoy and have fun serving our community together. I hope we are inspired to participate.

That we know every one of us has a gift. And we risk matching our gifts as a church, a church building, our halls and as individuals to meet a need in the world, working in partnership with the wonderful organisations in our community. By many joining in, our many hands and gifts of time and money make the burden light.  

Revd Lorna Johnson