God’s generosity in creation

Living in West Dorset we are surrounded by evidence of God’s generosity in creation from the cliffs of the million-year span of the Jurassic Coast to the rolling hills and woodland inland. I am sure there are times when we respond in awe and wonder as well as those times we take all this for granted.

However, being thankful and expressing that thanks where it rightfully belongs to its Creator God, is only part of the story. We have a responsibility to care for creation too and not just in our favoured corner of West Dorset but in our awareness of the issues facing the wider world.

According to the World Bank, 811 million people were going to bed hungry in 2020 (118 million more than in 2019); 149 million under-fives were estimated to have stunted growth or considered too short for their age in 2020; 33% of food produced globally is either lost or wasted. Shocking statistics.

Sir Ghillian Prance, former director of Kew Gardens wrote this: “True Christianity is not only about personal salvation and a place in heaven, but is also a faith that renews sinful people and sets us on a pathway from sin to stewardship of creation and social justice. Our faith can lead us on from greedy exploitation to the nurture of the part of creation that is around us.”

How can we help? One small step recommended by the Bridport Team is to use fair trade coffee and tea at our Sunday services ensuring that the producer receives a fair wage and has safe working conditions.

What small steps can we take both locally and globally in response to God’s generosity in creation?

[Written by Peter Wright]