Some of the guys from across the Team gathered at the Rectory and hid behind the settee as the house echoed to the terrifying cry of every grumpy Dalek, ‘Exterminate!’

We had a great time meeting Nick Briggs, ‘the voice of the Daleks’ who has been involved with the ‘new regeneration’ of the Doctor since 2005.  Nick, an accomplished actor, writer and director is also Executive Director of Big Finish Productions which produces audio books including the Dr Who series with the original casts.


With great humour he told us stories of his work on Dr. Who, experiences at fan conventions around the world and insights into characters of the actors involved in the series.  It was great stuff and one or two (who shall remain nameless) fulfilled a life time’s ambition to sound just like the those iconic and terrifying monsters who battle the Doctor!

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