End Hunger Fast Campaign

Britain is hungry.

Half a million people used food banks in the last year. Charitable support programmes are rapidly expanding but nonetheless a quarter of families are shrinking portion sizes. 5,500 people were admitted to hospital for malnutrition last year

End Hunger Fast Bowl

No one should go hungry in Britain. More and more people are just one unexpected bill away from facing bare cupboards. This is a national and moral crisis and government must act to protect the half a million going hungry in Britain.

By pledging to join the fast, you will help  our call on the government to ensure:

  • That the welfare system provides a robust last line of defence against hunger in Britain
  • That work pays enough for working people to properly provide for their families
  • That food markets function, promoting long term sustainable and healthy diets with no one profiteering from hunger in Britain.

Please support the campaign and consider pledging to fast on 4th April 2014. Also, please support Cupboard Love, our local food bank, which is supporting increasing numbers of local people in and around Bridport who are finding it very hard to make ends meet at the moment.

For more details and to add your pledge go to http://endhungerfast.co.uk/

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