Brilliant Bridport

Just to Say.

People are always popping in and out of St. Mary’s on South Street and many, particularly at this time of year, are visitors from around the country and overseas.

One of the things they often say is ‘What a lovely town Bridport is’ and I can only agree. I used to pass through Bridport regularly and when our girls were very young we came and stayed in a holiday let in Barrack Street. We have cherished photographs of them on East Beach.

The whole family were delighted when I was appointed as Team Rector, now nearly six years ago. What’s there not to like about the town?

There is a certain something about the culture of Bridport. It retains deep Dorset roots but is a bit whacky around the edges.

The cultural life is amazing. We simply don’t have the time or money to engage in everything we would like to see and do and many of the performances are of the highest standards. Whatever’s happening we never miss ‘The Proclaimers’, though.

The twice weekly market and entertainers at Bucky Doo make Saturday’s especially good fun and I love to get a coffee and just hang around chatting to folks. It would be wrong to have favourites, but I do think singer/trumpeter Jerri Hart is particularly good.

Bridport is a foodies heaven with great butchers and bakers, fish so fresh if you put it in a bowl it would swim around and a fantastic range of restaurants.

Our local schools are excellent with brilliant and hardworking staff and we are well cared for by the folks at the Health centre and local hospital.

Whilst I might eulogise, Bridport of course does have its problems. Our local roads aren’t always as safe as they might be. Scratch the surface and social problems are not far beneath. Property prices are sky high.

Yet Bridport is a blessing and an idyllic place for children to grow up. Who wouldn’t want the best for their child if they had the opportunity to live here? Only someone very foolish indeed.


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