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Terror on the roads

10 Apr

This article was previously published in the Bridport News. I enjoy reading thrillers and I am currently wading through a bit of a corker called ‘I am Pilgrim’ by Terry Hayes which is about the hunt for a lone terrorist with big plans. I won’t tell you more of the story but it’s a good […]

Thanks, Mum!

20 Mar

This article was previously published in The Bridport News. Mother’s Day was imported from America in 1907 and is nowadays a boon for the card shops and local restaurants.   Mothering Sunday celebrated in churches this week has much deeper roots. The religious tradition dates back some 400 years when people would attend the largest or […]

Bridging the divide

20 Mar

This article was published previously in The Bridport News. One feature of last week’s Oscar’s ceremony in Los Angeles was the sheer range of British acting talent on show. Although an Oscar went to only one Brit, Eddie Redmayne for his portrayal of Stephen Hawking several other Brits were nominated. I was disappointed that Selma, […]

It’s a dog’s life!

26 Feb

I was driving along the coast road to Weymouth recently and the car in front had a dog with its head stuck out of the window. It was obviously having a marvellous time catching the scents of the sheep and cattle in the fields as they drove past. Ears flying out like wings it was […]

Tudor blockbuster

10 Feb

Last week the author Hilary Mantel was made a Dame for services to Literature, one of the more deserved honours awarded by our somewhat peculiar and perhaps outdated system of recognising achievement beyond the norm. I am sure those who have read her books will agree that she is perhaps the outstanding writer of fiction […]

You might not want to hear this ….

10 Feb

What offends you? I’m not quick to take offense, but there are things which I hear that cause me upset. They are likely to be different things to you, and there’s the rub. Who is to arbitrate on such matters? For centuries Christianity was ‘protected’ by the law of blasphemy. That is, one could find […]

Just joking!

10 Feb

I’ll let you into a little secret as long as you promise not to tell anyone else. I’ve always wanted to be a stand-up comic. Before you say it, I know already the Bishop thinks my ministry’s a big joke! There’s something about the ability to amuse and make others laugh that is attractive. And, […]

Latest Team Rector’s Report

28 Jan

Team Rector’s Report Winter/Spring 2015 This report covers principally the Christmas season, although you will note below that there are some key issues which have been raised by the diocese recently that we will need to discuss.  Please see the appendix to this report. December proved to be its usual busy month for the churches […]

Let them eat cake!

09 Jan

This post was published previously in The Bridport News I asked my Dad what was his enduring personal memory as a young man of living through the Second World War. His answer rather surprised me: ‘Always feeling hungry’. I suppose him being a sport mad teenager who did demanding physical work in the local colliery […]

Reflecting the new year

04 Jan

In Roman mythology the god of beginnings and transitions was called Janus, the name from which we derive our ‘January’. Janus was typically depicted as having two faces, one looking forward to the future and the other looking back to the past. The beginning of a new year is inevitably a time for reflection and […]

Born in a queue.

19 Dec

This article was previously published in The Bridport News ‘Oh little town of Bethlehem, how still we see thee lie!’ Surely one of the best known and much loved of the carols sang at this time of year. Its author, Philip Brooks was a minister at Holy Trinity church in Boston in the United States […]

Stocking fillers.

17 Dec

As part of Cupboard Love, Bridport Team is distributing 50 children’s stockings to families this Christmas.  A dozen folks helped to follow the instructions to make sure that each stocking was individual to a boy or girl of a set age.  This year around thirty to forty hampers will also be distributed and these will include a complete […]

Money and Murder is better!

17 Dec

This article was previously published in The Bridport News He was over six foot six, about eighteen stones, dressed from head to foot in bikers leathers, was shaking like a leaf and was standing on my doorstep. It turned out that this particular ‘Hell’s Angel’ had managed to scare the living daylights out of himself […]

She’s quick and has got the stamina!

01 Dec

This article was published in the Bridport Times. There is something about clerics and steam trains. Several years ago at a clergy conference talent contest (it really was as grim as it sounds), the Revd Andrew Dow entertained his colleagues by reproducing the sounds of various engines and a tube train on the underground. To […]

No reason to lose one’s head.

19 Nov

This article was published previously in the Bridport Times. In St. Mary’s Church in Bridport there is a plaque which details the story of a skirmish outside the Bull Hotel in 1685 during the so-called Monmouth Rebellion. It details the death of a man called Coker, killed by a gunshot allegedly from a window of […]

Those where the days my friend…

19 Nov

This article was published previously in the Bridport News On Saturday, Petula Clark celebrates her 82nd birthday. I know! 82! Paul Mc Cartney is a mere lad at 72 and who could imagine that ‘The Who’ have been together for fifty years? As for Mick Jagger, well ….. Pet Clark was a great favourite of […]

Lest we forget

15 Nov

Remembrance Day Sermon, 8th November, 2014. (This is a copy of the sermon preached by the Team Rector at the Civic Service of Remembrance)   2014 has proved to have been a significant year for reflection and remembrance. In June we recalled the 70th anniversary of the Normandy landings and then in August the centenary […]

A concert to remember.

11 Nov

Members of the Taunton Deane Male Voice Choir performed at St. Mary’s Bridport on Remembrance Weekend.  Singing medley’s of songs, including those from the Great War period and ably supported by soloist Danielle Stacey Evans it was a wonderful event.  All the money’s raised went to support the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal.  The concert […]

The oldest trade?

01 Sep

This article was previously published in The Bridport News Two years ago I visited a brothel near Naples. No, you don’t need to read it again, that’s what I said. It was a small and rather dimly lit place. Given the cosmopolitan nature of the clientele the various services on offer might be viewed by […]

Shiver me timbers!

22 Aug

This post was first published in the Bridport News. Warships are dangerous things, they are after all meant to be. Bridport has a long and noble history of involvement with the sea. The Salt house reminds us of the historic trade links with Newfoundland in Canada. Not only did nets made in Bridport go there […]

Commemoration of First World War

05 Aug

Many hundreds of people attended the commemorative events being hosted by St. Mary’s in South Street in partnership with the Town Council and the Heritage Forum to mark the centenary of the First World War. On Sunday 3rd August there was a parade followed by a special service in the church attended by the Mayor […]

The Nation’s Need: August 1914

01 Aug

This is an edited version of a sermon given by Canon Farrer, Rector of Bridport on Sunday 14th August 1914 in St. Mary’s Church, Bridport.  It was reprised by his successor, Canon Andrew Evans, as part of the ‘Lest Bridport Forgets’ concert held at the church on Sunday 3rd August, 2014.  The original may be read […]

A step forward …..

28 Jul

I popped into the Local History Centre this week and met some of the wonderfully helpful staff. In the museum’s collections are some items belonging to a local suffragette. Not on public display at the moment, they represent nevertheless a fascinating insight into the history of the town. A purple, green and white sash and […]

Trombones, teas and tombola’s!

19 Jul

People flocked to three of our churches in the last week for a super time of summer fun and entertainment.  St. Swithun’s held its annual summer fair and was blessed with excellent weather and a large crowd of people.  The St. Swithun’s band played as people munched cream teas and enjoyed playing on the stalls.  […]