Happy Birthday, Munch Club!


Happy Birthday, Munch Club!

There were so many at the party, we couldn’t get them all in the photo!  It’s great to think that Munch Club, held each Friday at Church House from 12.30 p.m. to 2.30 p.m. is celebrating its third birthday.  Around 60 Mums & Dads carers and preschoolers enjoyed their usual delicious lunch served piping hot at their tables while fun-filled volunteers took care of the kids. There was birthday cake and candles, too!

Munch club is for anyone who has a preschool age child, enjoys company and being made a fuss of.  Cupboard Love is also available each week.  You can follow Munch Club on Facebook.  (munchclub@groups.facebook.com)

This is what some folks said about Munch Club:

“For me, being a parent can be very hard but we come to munch club and it feels like, for the time that you are there, everyone is there to support you. The volunteers help by playing with the kids, or holding the baby so you can eat, by making you a cup of tea and cooking us dinner. The other parents help by offering support when the baby isn’t sleeping or your preschooler is being naughty. You feel like you belong there and aren’t judged by people. I think its about coming together and sharing food. There’s a beautiful symbol of sharing, equality and companionship about it. I think munch club is the only time in the week that I actually sit down and drink an entire cup of tea without it going cold.”

“From the first moment I walked into Munch Club it felt like I stepped from a dreary day outside into a rainbow of colour and sunshine! Not just to be greeted by an amazing team but also feeling an overwhelming sense of acceptance. For people to just accept me and not judge me on my appearance. To see a group ran from love and not from financial gain. So many ladies and gentlemen taking time out to give us and our children a safe haven of love and care.”

“For me, it’s that it’s ok to be honest and say that you’re having a rough day! I have had a few of those at munch club and I have learnt that it’s ok to be sad/angry and just frustrated without feeling condemnation. It’s a safe place for mums and their children I think.”

So, well done to the team who make it happen each week, to those who come along and fill it with life and laughter!  Happy birthday!

PS. If you haven’t tried Munch Club yet, why not come along?  You will be given a warm welcome!

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